Malin, Heather


Director of Research, Stanford Center on Adolescence

Heather Malin (, PhD, is research project manager for the Character Development in Adolescence project. Previously, she managed the Civic Purpose, Young Entrepreneurs, American Virtues, and Civic Engagement projects, and worked on the Youth Purpose study and Thriving Indicators project. Her research primarily focuses on how young people develop purpose in different domains, and the capacity for meaningful participation in and contribution to their communities and society. She is interested in the application of this research to education practice, and her work explores how schools can support students in developing purpose. She has also conducted research on artistic process in childhood and adolescence, including studies looking at artistic purpose in adolescence, art making as a way of participating in culture and society, and the role of art making in children’s learning and development. She earned her PhD from Stanford Graduate School of Education. Prior to coming to Stanford, Heather was a teacher and arts education program manager. She earned a Master's degree and teaching credential from Columbia University's Teachers College, and a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College.

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