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The Center on Adolescence encourages participation at professional meetings, invited talks, and other events related to the work of Center. Here is a summary of presentations by Center members, former members, and visitors.

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Format: 2018-10-20
Format: 2018-10-20

March 8-10, 2012: Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting

Vancouver, BC

Kendall Cotton Bronk
Paper Discussion Symposium: "Using an Exemplar Methodology to Examine Young People’s Purposes in Life"
Richard M. Lerner; [William Damon]; Heather Malin; Kendall C. Bronk; [Timothy S. Reilly]; Tenelle Porter; Megan K. Mueller
Roundtable: "Entrepreneurship as a Pathway to Positive Youth Development"
Brandy Quinn
Paper Discussion Symposium: "The Beyond-the-Self Dimension of Adolescent Purpose"
Jenni M. Mariano; George E. Vaillant
Paper Discussion Symposium: "Beyond-the-Self Purpose Among the 'Greatest Generation'"
Anthony L. Burrow
Paper Discussion Symposium: "Purpose and Emotional Flourishing during Adolescence"
Matthew Andrews
Paper Discussion Symposium: "Academic Purpose in the Transition to College"
Timothy S. Reilly
Paper Discussion Symposium: "Emerging Adult Entrepreneurial Purpose: An Interview Study"

March 22, 2012: Action Dialogue Webinar Series

Minneapolis, MN; Sarasota, FL; Portland, OR; and Fairfax, VA

Jenni Menon Mariano, Ph.D., Elizabeth (Betsy) Levine Brown, Ph.D., and Devora Shamah, Ph.D.
Webinar: "The Importance of Youth Purpose and How to Support It"

December 1, 2012: Jubilee Centre for Character and Values

University of Birmingham

William Damon
Keynote Address: "Profiles of Virtue in Public Life"
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