Public Presentations

The Center on Adolescence encourages participation at professional meetings, invited talks, and other events related to the work of Center. Here is a summary of presentations by Center members, former members, and visitors.

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Format: 2017-12-18
Format: 2017-12-18

March 8, 2013: Good Work Institute, Project Zero

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

William Damon
Talk: "Remarks on the Future of Good Work"

October 24-28, 2013: Association for Moral Education, 39th Annual Conference

Montreal, Canada

William Damon (Chair) with Hyemin Han (Presenter)
Paper Discussion Symposium: "How Exemplar Research Informs Moral Psychology and Moral Education"
Hyemin Han, Gary H. Glover, and Changwoo Jeong
Paper Presentation: "A Cross-Cultural fMRI Investigation of Moral Decision Making Processes"
Hyemin Han, Sora Kim, Changwoo Jeong, and Yutaka Kunii
Poster: "A Comparative Study of Moral Education Textbooks in Korea and Japan"