Bringing the American Dream to Life for all our Students

William Damon
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This regional conference is being held to launch this publication and to disseminate its results.

Conference Speakers

  • Eric Liu: Author, educator, and founder and CEO of Citizen University
  • William Damon: Professor of Education and Director, Center on Adolescence, Stanford University
  • Lance Bennett: Professor of Political Science & Ruddick C. Lawrence Professor of Communications and Director, Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, UW
  • James A. Banks: Killinger Endowed Chair and Director of the Center for Multicultural Education, UW
  • Dafney Blanca Dabach: Assistant Professor of Education, UW
  • Luis Fraga: Russell F, Stark University Professor and Director, Diversity Research Institute
  • Kenneth Zeichner: Boeing Professor of Teacher Education, UW
  • Katharyne Mitchell: Professor of Geography, UW

PDF of Consensus Report

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