Character Education of Adolescents: A Case Study of a Research Center

Tuba Çengelci Köse
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Education and Science, 40(179), 295-306. DOI: 10.15390/EB.2015.2648

This study describes the theoretical and practical studies at an adolescent research Center in the School of Education at an American university. Additionally, researchers’ views are explored regarding the educational environment, activities, and the assessment process in character education. The case study design used in this paper is based on qualitative research methods. The participants comprised 9 researchers who took part in the Center’s studies. The data were gathered through semi-structured interviews, and document analysis. Content analysis was applied to analyze the data of the research. Findings of this paper reveal that the research Center conducted studies on the positive aspects of adolescent development. Additionally, educational environment, activities, and assessment processes in character education are explained in light of the participants’ views.

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