How supportive of their specific purposes do youth believe their family and friends are?

Seana Moran, Matthew Bundick, Heather Malin, & Timothy Reilly
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Journal of Adolescent Research, 28(3), 348-377. DOI: 10.1177/0743558412457816

Prior studies have found that youth reporting a general sense that “I have a purpose” also describe having social supports that enhance thriving. This study links specific social supports to specific purposes described by youth. We examined whether developmental level, social-structural supports of gender and ethnicity, and close relationship supports of family and friends explained: (1) how likely youth were to describe three dimensions of a specific purpose content (intention, engagement, and beyond-the-self reasons), and (2) how youth with specified purposes used social supports to pursue those purposes. Youth in higher grade levels were more likely to describe their future plans, activiti