Motivations for civic participation among diverse youth: More similarities than differences

Parissa J. Ballard, Heather Malin, Tenelle Porter, Anne Colby, & William Damon
Publication Year: 
2015, Published online 02 Apr
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Research in Human Development, 12(1-2), 63-83. DOI: 10.1080/15427609.2015.1010348

Participating in civic life is an important developmental task of adolescence and a central tenet of democracy. What motivates diverse youth in the US to become involved in civic life? Using a mixed-method and person-centered approach, we (1) identified subgroups of participants based on their motivations for political and non-political volunteering and (2) explored differences in civic motivations by ethnic and immigration backgrounds among Asian and Latino adolescents. Using latent class analysis, we identi