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Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

Assistant Professor, Rossier School of Education
Assistant Professor, Brain and Creativity Institute
University of Southern California

Colloquia Topic: 

Neuropsychology of Social and Moral Development

Professor Immordino-Yang shared her research, some aspects of which can be found in: Neural correlates of admiration and compassion. From the article...

"Social emotions such as admiration and compassion play a critical role in interpersonal relationships and moral behavior. They motivate us to either reward (in the case of admiration) or remedy (in the case of compassion) the circumstances of another person. The experience of these emotions may also produce a sense of heightened self-awareness that incites our own desire to be virtuous or skillful, or else gratitude for our own good circumstances."

Professor Immordino-Yang also referred to this paper during her talk.

Colloquia Date: 
Wednesday, February 13, 2013