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Graduate Students

Previous Students

Year Name Affiliation Link
2017 Laryea, Krystal Ann

PhD Fellow, Stanford Center of Philosphy and Civil Society

2017 Morton, Emily

Research Scientist, NWEA

2016 Han, Hyemin

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology Program
University of Alabama

2015 Porter, Tenelle

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

2014 Remington, Kathleen

Research Director, Minnesota Justice Research Center

2013 Quinn, Brandy

Assistant Professor, Human Development/Educational Psychology
College of Education, Texas Christian University

2013 Reilly, Timothy

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ave Maria University

2013 Ballard, Parissa Jahromi

Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine
Wake Forest School of Medicine

2013 Joe, Indrawati

Director of Evaluation, Office of the Vice Provost, GSE, Stanford University

2011 Yeager, David

Assistant Professor of Psychology, UT Austin

2011 Sirianni, Jim

Director, Executive Leadership Group, The American Council on Education, Washington, D.C.

2011 Andrews, Matt Charles

Educational Research and Design for FAMPLAY: Learning for the Whole Family

2010 Williams, Ryan P.

Graduated SUSM, June 2010. Next, a 2-yr. pediatrics residency at Washington University, then a 3-yr. pediatric neurology residency/fellowship at University of Pennsylvania.

2009 Bundick, Matthew J.

Assistant Professor of Education
Duquesne University

2007 Mariano, Jennifer Menon

Associate Professor, University of South Florida College of Education

2007 Miles, Sarah
2006 Pals, Heili

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Texas A & M

2006 Foehr, Ulla Goette

Co-author of Kids and Media in America

2005 Bronk, Kendall Cotton

Associate Professor of Psychology, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Claremont Graduate University

2005 Kirshner, Ben

Associate Professor of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder

2005 Tolentino, Barbara W.
2005 Silverstein, Jed

Ph.D.:Brown University, 2011. English faculty, Riverdale Country School, Upper Division

2005 Jones, Amina
2004 Percer, Liza Hayes
2003 Galloway, Mollie

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling

2003 Gonzalez, Rosemary

Associate Professor, Child & Adolescent Development, Chicana/o Studies, California State University Northridge

2003 Gardner, Joseph

Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies, DePaul University

2002 Cannon, Shannon Casey
2002 Joshi, Aasha

Ph.D. in Psychology: University of Cambridge (UK), August 2014

2002 Desmond, Pamela S.
2002 Strobel, Karen

Director, Partnership for 21st Century Assessment, Castilleja School, Palo Alto CA

2002 Traill, Saskia

Vice President, Policy & Research, TASC The After School Corporation

2001 Bianchi, Alison

Associate Professor, University of Iowa Department of Sociology

2000 Compian, Laura J.

Counseling Psychologist, Reference Team

1999 Saphir, Melissa Nichols
1999 Chen, Helen

Senior Researcher, Designing Education Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director of ePortfolio initiatives, Office of the Registrar.

1998 Gowen, Kris

Instructor, School of Community Health, Portland State University

1998 Herman, Melissa R.

Assistant Professor, Sociology, Dartmouth College

1998 Winzelberg, Andrew

Co-founder and Director, the Center for Executive Solutions

1997 Salvesen-Sykes, MD, Karen

Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes; Novo Nordisk Inc.

Rajagopal, Tara