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Cooke, Sandra

Sandra Cooke

I am working on one of three flagship research projects, ‘Virtues and Values in the Professions’ which is exploring the place, role and nature of virtues in professional practice across medicine, law and teaching. I am concentrating on the teaching profession since my background is broadly within education and education policy. My interest therefore provides a strong link to the Center's work on the Good Work project, but also to work on moral and character education.

By the summer, we will have completed our data collection and analysis will be well underway. My visit will therefore provide an excellent opportunity to both share early findings but also to benefit from the extensive knowledge and understanding amongst your colleagues to inform our interpretations. I hope it will also provide a useful opportunity for critical reflection on our approach and methods which will help inform our writing of the final project report.

People Affiliation: 

University of Birmingham, UK
Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues