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Nadal, Amber Cazzell

Amber Cazzell Nadal (, recently earned a PhD in Applied Social Psychology from Brigham Young University, and will be visiting the Center on Adolescence during the 2017-20 academic years.

Her research concerns the development and maintenance of (im)moral habits, the role of self-control in moral motivation, the value-behavior discrepancy, and the social-psychological outcomes of moral behaviors. She is the principal investigator for a project which seeks to identify how self-control plays a role in the consistency of moral behaviors and thoughts, and which examines whether individuals can develop robust moral habits. She is also engaged in a project which empirically maps out the relationships between character strengths, and which tests the idea that strengths counterbalance one another to produce virtuous behaviors (called "virtue ambidexterity").

Amber hosts an interdisciplinary interview style podcast on moral scholarship, and has been lucky to speak with notable scholars from a wide array of social science disciplines. She is also interested in the intersection of ethics and technology and has spent some time writing and podcasting about issues such as online cooperation and algorithmic fairness.

More information about her research involvements and publications can be found at

Moral Science Podcast