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Bridging the Gap between Science and the Humanities through Moral Education

Publication Authors: 
Changwoo Jeong and Hyemin Han

There has been a deep chasm between the natural and physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, since the beginning of specialization among various fields. C. P. Snow, the eminent British scientist and author, spoke of how the breakdown of communication between the “two cultures” of modern society –- the culture of science and that of the humanities -– was becoming a hindrance to understanding and addressing pressing public issues. In working to integrate science and the humanities (especially ethics), we suggest that moral education needs to teach not only an understanding of the moral dimensions of science and technology, but also the fundamentals of ethics and values as they relate to current socioscientific issues and decision making in the realm of science and technology. In addition, special attention is given to developmental work regarding types of activity that form a bridge between scientific and humanities disciplines.