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Identification of multiple intelligences with the Multiple Intelligence Profiling Questionnaire III.

Publication Authors: 
Tirri, K. and Nokelainen, P.
Publication Year: 
Publication Journal: 
Psychology Science Quarterly, 50(2), 206-221.

In this study, we present the latest version of the Multiple Intelligences Profiling Questionnaire (MIPQ III) that is based on Howard Gardner’s (e.g., 1983, 1999) MI theory. The operationalization of nine MI scales is tested with an empirical sample of Finnish preadolescents and adults (n = 410). Results of the internal consistency analysis show that the nine MIPQ III dimensions have satisfactory reliability coefficients with the sample. Results of the interscale correlation analysis show that (1) Logical-mathematical intelligence correlates positively with Spatial intelligence; (2) Linguistic intelligence correlates positively with Intrapersonal intelligence; (3) Linguistic and Intrapersonal scales correlate positively with the Spiritual and Environmental intelligences. Results of the correlation analysis between the gender, age and the MI scales show that (1) Males in both samples have higher self-rated Logical-mathematical intelligence than females; (2) Females rate their linguistic abilities higher than the males. The results of CFA show good generalizability characteristics of the MIPQ III scales. Our findings give important information to teachers and educators on how gender influences the self-perception of students’ abilities.