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Purpose, hope, and life satisfaction in three age groups.

Publication Authors: 
Bronk, K. C., Hill, P., Lapsley, D., Talib, T., and Finch, W. H.
Publication Year: 
Publication Journal: 
Journal of Positive Psychology 4(6), 500-510. DOI: 10.1080/17439760903271439

Using the Revised Youth Purpose Survey (Bundick et al., 2006), the Trait Hope Scale (Snyder et al., 1991), and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (Diener, Emmons, Larsen, & Griffin, 1985), the present study examined the relationship among purpose, hope, and life satisfaction among 153 adolescents, 237 emerging adults, and 416 adults (N =
806). Results of this cross-sectional study revealed that having identified a purpose in life was associated with greater life satisfaction at these three stages of life. However, searching for a purpose was only associated with increased life satisfaction during adolescence and emerging adulthood. Additionally, aspects of hope mediated the relationship between purpose and life satisfaction at all three stages of life. Implications of these results for effectively fostering purpose are discussed.