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Youth Purpose: New Methods for Assessment

Publication Authors: 
Kendall C. Bronk (Chair), Rachel Baumsteiger, Brian R. Riches, and Heather Malin
Publication Year: 

Paper Discussion Symposium

Synopsis: A growing body of theoretical and empirical research confirms that individuals with a purpose in life are poised to thrive; however research on the construct has been held up by the lack of appropriate assessment tools. Existing survey and interview methods are few and far between, and many only assess some aspects of the multifaceted construct. This symposium will feature new measures of purpose that assess the construct in more varied and complete ways.


  • Rachel Baumsteiger & Brian R. Riches: Comparing Three New Scales of Purpose
  • Brian R. Riches: The Claremont Purpose Scale
  • Heather Malin: Youth Purpose Scale: A New Measure of Adolescent Goal Pursuit