Center Overview

Who will vote or run for political office in tomorrow's societies? Who will sit on the juries, speak up at public meetings, and contribute to the charities? Who will join the workforces and raise the families? There is just one answer to all of these questions: the youngsters who are now growing up around us.

The Stanford Center on Adolescence aims to promote the character and competence of all young people growing up in today's world. The Center's work provides guidance for parenting, for improved educational practice, and for youth development in a wide variety of community settings. More »

In the Spotlight

• This Stanford Retiree Insider article about our Pathways to Encore Purpose project is a follow up piece to their Winter 2016 article introducing the study.

• "Design Your Way to a Happier Life," a recent article in the WSJ by teachers in Stanford's Mechanical Engineering Design Program, cites research conducted by the Center on Adolescence.

• This article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review highlights a promising educational application of our Center’s research on the development of purpose.

• Listen as Tom Wagner, William Damon, and Jill Berkowicz talk about "Helping Students Find Purpose Through Passion and Play," an interview on BAM Radio's Studentcentricity, with Rae Pica.

• The Learning4Purpose project, a multinational research collaboration of nine universities in six countries, in which several Center alums and visiting scholars are involved, announces their website.

• William Damon's recent article, “Ben Franklin’s Guide To Making Friends," in Hoover Institution's online journal, Defining Ideas, expands on our collaboration with 92 Street Y and Citizen University to launch a modern version of Ben Franklin’s Mutual Improvement Clubs.

• Center graduate student, Katie Remington, is one of the "Student Voices" selected to represent the Stanford Graduate School of Education to current and prospective students.

• Here's an article in GSE News about our current study, "Pathways to Encore Purpose," which aims to help older Americans lead more purposeful lives.

The Power of Ideals: The Real Story of Moral Choice, by Damon & Colby, was favorably reviewed in the fall 2015 issue of Media Ethics magazine. The book was also discussed in a controversial essay in the New York Review of Books. We invite you to read the essay and Colby and Damon’s response.

The Youth Civic Development and Education Conference Consensus Report is now available. For more information about the conference, click here.

Character in Adolescence: A Conversation with Angela Duckworth and Bill Damon. A Conversation with Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania, and Bill Damon, Center Director, was presented Thursday, February 27, 2014

• You can view the video and full transcript for the webinar: Educating for Youth Purpose Around the World, held 10/29/14. Click HERE for the flyer. Hosts included several Center on Adolescence alumni and affiliates.