Center Overview

Who will vote or run for political office in tomorrow's societies? Who will sit on the juries, speak up at public meetings, and contribute to the charities? Who will join the workforces and raise the families? There is just one answer to all of these questions: the youngsters who are now growing up around us.

The Stanford Center on Adolescence aims to promote the character and competence of all young people growing up in today's world. The Center's work provides guidance for parenting, for improved educational practice, and for youth development in a wide variety of community settings. More »

In the Spotlight

The Youth Civic Development and Education Conference Consensus Report is now available. For more information about the conference, click here.

Character in Adolescence: A Conversation with Angela Duckworth and Bill Damon. A Conversation with Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania, and Bill Damon, Center Director, was presented Thursday, February 27, 2014

• You can view the video and full transcript for the webinar: Educating for Youth Purpose Around the World, held 10/29/14. Click HERE for the flyer. Hosts included several Center on Adolescence alumni and affiliates.

• Visiting scholar Prof. Ulisses Araujo, Universidade de São Paulo, is 2015 Chair for the Association for Moral Education (AME) Conference, November 5-7, in Santos, Brazil.