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The Center engages students and scholars from Stanford as well as other U.S. and international institutions in many research and applied activities. These activities aim to advance knowledge about adolescent character development and innovate new practices for positive youth development.

External Collaborations with the Stanford Center on Adolescence: Parties outside of Stanford often express interest in collaborating with the Stanford Center on Adolescence. We appreciate such expressions of interest. Our Center’s primary research goal is to understand how people can reach their full potential as thriving individuals and as contributing members of society. Our main focus is character development, with a particular emphasis on the acquisition of purpose. We aim to provide guidance for parents and educators as they endeavor to help young people reach their potentials. We value opportunities to partner with individuals and organizations that have the capacity to translate our research into educational practice and other youth programs.

Any collaborative work that goes beyond the scope of our granted projects will require additional support. Whenever we work with outside organizations, we need to secure the following support in order to participate in the collaborative project:

  • Administrative staff support
  • Research staff support
  • Travel expenses
  • Stanford University mandated indirect costs

If you are interested in proposing a project that involves a time commitment from our research team, we encourage you to send a proposal that describes your interest, in what ways you would like to collaborate, and funding sources that you have identified to support our participation. We look forward to learning more about your work and to exploring the possibility of establishing a working relationship.